The Academy

We transform students from online consumers into web creators through a fun, game based curriculum beginning as a Novice with block coding, progressing through 10 levels of cumulative programs–learning languages like JavaScript, Python, and Swift–as they become a Code Wizard.

The Academy is a drop in program which allows for your student to attend anytime during business hours whenever it is convenient for you. Students in the academy will receive up to 3 hours of instruction per week!

The Academy is a self paced program that promotes exploratory learning. Your students will pick up each session where the left off previously and we will have our Elders there to help them through each step in the process.

We will get them started by sorting students into houses. This provides them a team they can turn to when they need help or when a task requires teamwork.

If students have already done this type of work and breeze through the first activities we will adjust their personal curriculum accordingly to challenge them.  Some students might go straight to the more advanced skills if they come to us with previous experience in block coding and have an understanding of coding principals.

As your student attends their first few sessions we will observe their learning style and determine an optimum length of a session for them.  Some kids can be hyper-focused for long periods of time and some need more frequent breaks and shorter spans of concentration.  We will work together with you and your child to make sure their sessions are effective and fun for them.  We want your kids to be excited to come to Code Wizards and want to keep them engaged.

Throughout their education in The Academy we will work on life skills such as collaborating with others, giving and getting constructive feedback, failing gracefully and learning from it, and building a community.  Our goal isn’t necessarily to develop every student into a software developer–we want them to see the possibilities computer science has to offer them throughout their education and career.  If they end up practicing law or teaching elementary school they will still have an advantage with their coding education from Code Wizards.

As they become more accomplished coders, designers, user experience experts, or whatever niche they like best–we will continue to challenge them through python, swift, c-based languages, and even some java as they progress through our 10 levels of achievement from Novice to Code Wizard.

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To participate in any activity or program at Code Wizards a student only needs to know how to read.


The length of time it takes to complete The Academy ranges from 2 to 4 years depending on the student and how often they come to the facility.


The Academy tuition starts at $99 per month. We have plans which includes up to 3 hours of instruction per week.

The Academy Houses

We have 3 houses into which we sort young code wizards: Caragore, Dragonfang, and Fishorne. Everyone is welcome to take the test and see where they belong—even parents and siblings. The Academy program uses these teams to create friendly competition and also to put kids at ease and give them a sense of belonging right from the start.





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