• What is Code Wizards?

    Code Wizards is a learning center where kids create modern magic by learning to solve problems with code. At our facility kids ages 7-14 learn computer science in an inspiring learning environment with a game-based curriculum they love to play. Parents can feel good about the productive screen time as their kids practice valuable life skills such as collaboration, harnessing creativity into real solutions, and computational thinking—without  even realizing they are learning. Kids experience success as they progress through  Code Wizard levels, culminating in a game app available on the app store.

  • Why should my child learn to code?

    According to code.org, a nonprofit organization focused on expanding computer science to public schools and underserved communities, 58% of new jobs in STEM are in computing and only 10% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science. Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the US with many positions left open each year despite the fact that computer science majors make, on average, about 40% more than other graduates.

    Coding and computer science are important subjects for our modern age. Exposing them to this new language at a young age empowers them with an even greater capacity to learn and evolve throughout their education and career regardless of what path they take. Not only are programming and robotics fantastic careers for our students, they also learn soft skills like critical thinking, collaboration and tapping into their creative imaginations for solutions as they progress through our curriculum, camps, and other programs. Regardless of a child’s career path, learning how computers and the internet works, knowing the foundations of computer science and coding—experiencing an atmosphere of experimentation and innovative learning with computers and software will benefit them.

  • Who can come to Code Wizards?

    We currently offer classes for children between the ages of 7 and 14.

  • Does my child need to bring their own computer to Code Wizards?

    They do not need to have their own laptop. We prefer to have them use one of our machines at the learning center. We can ensure they are accessing the content they need in an efficient way and we don’t waste any learning time troubleshooting problems when they are using our hardware.

  • What is included in the program?

    We have a curriculum starting with Scratch, a block coding language built by students and teachers at MIT for teaching children code. Kids then progress through several languages like Python, Swift and Java using games like Minecraft and Roblox to teach skills. They begin as a Novice and safely work through the curriculum, building games, apps, and other content on our secure server on their way to becoming a Code Wizard.

  • What computers and hardware do you use?

    We are an Apple shop and have MacBook Pros, iPads and Macs.
    We do all we can to ensure a safe online environment for your children with firewalls and secure servers. Most of our curriculum and other programs are taught offline on our own secure network. We even have a separate guest wi-fi network for parents and guests.

  • I thought I was supposed to limit my child’s screen time?

    At Code Wizards and in our personal lives we strive for balance to keep us physically and mentally healthy as we work and play in this modern, computer age. We also believe there are different kinds of screen time. Instead of your little one playing games and looking at memes and videos we want them to be figuring out solutions to problems or how to share their creative ideas. Our focus is teaching your kids how to make their time on devices productive and creative—how to use the computer to benefit themselves and their community. We want to change your little girl or boy from a consumer to a creator. Instead of villainizing screen time we focus on the potential for productivity and utilization of technology.

  • My kids can play on the computer at home. What’s the difference?

    If you are ensuring your child is maximizing their screen time and they are learning how to code in languages like Scratch, Python, Java and Unity then maybe you don’t need our expertise. Most parents like the idea of having experts in software development helping their students learn the ins and outs of computer science and other technologies. Let us help your child learn the latest and greatest so you can focus on other things.

  • My student has computer classes in school. Why do they need more instruction?

    Schools are definitely seeing the benefits and recognizing the need to educate our future generations about computer science but they are under-funded and often missing the mark. Technology moves quickly and by the time curriculum is in place it is often already out-dated. The programs still benefit the students to a degree but at Code Wizards it is all we do. We are focused on using the most relevant equipment to teach the most useful skills in a way which keeps our students engaged and exited. Most classroom teachers at the elementary school level consider themselves unqualified to teach code and those that do feel confident teaching programming are using older equipment which sometimes can’t even run current software. Exposing kids at an early age and to the latest technology is the key to maximizing their capacity to understand and internalize the concepts. At Code Wizards they are having a great time playing with our fantastic toys and can’t wait to come back and learn more—if they even realize they are learning anything to begin with.

  • How much does it cost to send my child to Code Wizards?

    It depends on the program. We offer monthly drop-in memberships that cost between $149-$199 per month to teach your child how to code like a pro. We also have programs and events ranging in price from $30-$400 like summer camps and mini camps which teach coding, drone piloting, robotics, and other tech skills. We also offer Parent’s Nights Out and table top game sessions like Pokemon and Dungeons & Dragons for $10-$40 which are designed simply for kids to come, hang out and have some fun.

  • Can I stay while my child is learning?

    Sure! Take a break and enjoy our parent lounge where we have laptop friendly work areas and wi-fi as well as a comfy couch and streaming services on a big screen tv. We even have a coffee machine and other beverages available.

  • How often can my child come to Code Wizards?

    The curriculum can fit into any schedule with kids coming to our facility up to 3 times a week throughout the school year as well as 1/2 and full day summer camp programs to keep them busy during summer break. We also offer 1-2 day mini camps throughout the year.

  • Is your learning center safe and secure for my child?

    Yes. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security and each future wizard is given an RFID granting them access to the classrooms.


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