My student has computer classes in school. Why do they need more instruction?

Schools are definitely seeing the benefits and recognizing the need to educate our future generations about computer science but they are under-funded and often missing the mark. Technology moves quickly and by the time curriculum is in place it is often already out-dated. The programs still benefit the students to a degree but at Code Wizards it is all we do. We are focused on using the most relevant equipment to teach the most useful skills in a way which keeps our students engaged and exited. Most classroom teachers at the elementary school level consider themselves unqualified to teach code and those that do feel confident teaching programming are using older equipment which sometimes can’t even run current software. Exposing kids at an early age and to the latest technology is the key to maximizing their capacity to understand and internalize the concepts. At Code Wizards they are having a great time playing with our fantastic toys and can’t wait to come back and learn more—if they even realize they are learning anything to begin with.


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