About Code Wizards

Our Mission

To provide families with a dynamic learning environment where students develop life-changing skills.

Our Vision

We imagine our students succeeding in their futures—as teachers, nurses, scientists, race car drivers, law enforcement officers, builders—as anything they want—because they know how to use technology to their advantage.

Our Focus

  1. Creativity—encouraging all ideas and perspectives. Inspiring innovation by teaching kids how to find ways to develop and implement ideas into solutions, products, and content.
  2. Collaboration—showing students how to work as part of a team. Giving and receiving constructive feedback, and allowing ideas to evolve and expand with input from teammates.
  3. Computational Thinking—honing critical thinking skills. Breaking down big problems into manageable solutions. Sparking new ideas by examining challenges from many perspectives and applying knowledge.
I want our kids to look at technology as a way to contribute—not as a way to kill time. I want to shift our students’ thinking from that as a consumer to that as a creator.”
Misty Rigdon

Our Story

Code Wizards is owned and operated by Chris and Misty Rigdon who live in Colorado Springs. They own a software development company and began to notice a need for computer science education.

The Code Wizards Academy, is designed to teach kids computer programming. Starting with colored block coding languages at the Novice level, gradually increasing the difficulty and complexity of the code and introducing new languages to students as they progress through 10 levels–ultimately becoming a Code Wizard with a game or app of their own creation for sale on the app store. Kids don’t even realize they are learning as they play games that teach them new skills. Novice wizards are placed in one of three houses; Caragore, Dragonfang or Fishorne. Within their house they both offer and call upon others for support, feedback, and friendly competition. Concepts are taught using many proven educational methods on- and off-screen, appealing to different learning styles.

Summer camps, mini camps and other special events consist of different content from The Academy. Kids enrolled in The Academy will see new material  and different applications of concepts when they attend camp. Content for all programs is carefully planned so up and coming wizards see new ideas and are challenged in fun ways regardless of their chosen program. Whether a student is coming for summer camp, or attends The Academy all year, they will be exposed to relevant material  presented in a fun, exciting format.


The Problem

Schools are not able to offer the computer science education our kids need to succeed in today’s modern world. Tech careers are among the highest paid, yet many positions are left open because there aren’t enough qualified people to fill them.

Our Solution

Code Wizards is focused on teaching students as young as 7 years old the foundations of computer programming and how to code. Our code wizards will succeed—regardless of their career paths, because they will have learned how to utilize technology and leverage it to their benefit.


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